Warren County EMS Council Training Fund

Warren County Emergency Medical Services Council Inc, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, was formed in the 1970s to coordinate between local and area emergency medical services and providers in Warren County, Pennsylvania. EMS was growing in the 70’s and 80’s and many of our volunteer fire departments around the county decided to purchase Basic Life Support ambulances and train their personnel as EMTs and First Responders.  Over the many years, the Warren County EMS Council coordinated training and education for the EMTs and First Responders to attain certification and maintain their Ambulance Licensure with State of PA.

Current Projects:

The Current Warren County EMS Council Board of Directors are focusing efforts to attract new EMS personnel in Warren County.  EMTs are required to pass an EMT course that requires 180 hours of class time and $1200 in tuition fees. Students are also required to pass an intense National Registry EMT exam. The Council has recently financed an EMT class that allowed students to register for the class without any monetary outlay. Through our funding we were able to register 20 students for the current class, exceeding our expectations.   Our goal is to continue this program for future classes and hopefully fill our ranks to provide the needed EMS services for Warren County. Please help us to provide for you.  Thank you for your donation.

Please donate to your favorite
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Contact: Paul Pascuzzi
Phone: 814-723-1088
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