2024 Incentive Prizes

Highest Dollar Amount – Special Recognition of top 10 at Check Ceremony

Highest Number of Donations – Special Recognition of top 3 at Check Ceremony

Most States Prize – Special Recognition of top 3 at Check Ceremony
Determined by credit card billing address or check address. Ties will be broken by the total number of donations and then by the total dollars donated.

In past years donations have been received from as many as 47 states!  How many states did your organization receive donations from? There are many people who may no longer live in Warren County who still appreciate the good work your organization does and will support you…if you ask.  Reach out to those you know.  Email, phone, Facebook – spread the word.

NEW in 2024: Highest Year-over-year Increase in Dollars From Out-of-State
1st Place: $300, 2nd Place: $100
Determined by comparing 2023 pre-match dollars against 2024 pre-match dollars. Ties will be broken by the number of out-of-state donations, and then by the number of states.

Most Dollars by a New Organization – Special Recognition at Check Ceremony

NEW in 2024: Highest Year-over-year Number of NEW Donors
1st Place: $300, 2nd Place: $100
Determined by a comparison of your 2023 unique donor credit card billing and check names against your 2024 donor names. Must maintain prior year number of unique donors or greater to be eligible. Ties will be broken by most dollars from the new donors.

New in 2024: Facebook Like/Follow Incentive for Organizations 
By random draw a participating organization who likes and follows our Warren Gives Facebook page will receive a $50 VISA gift card!

NEW in 2024: Donor Incentives
By random draw, every 2 hours we will select a donor who gave in that time period to receive a $25 VISA or Kwik Fill gift card!

  • First drawing will be a 8am and then every 2 hours throughout the day all the way to 10pm.
  • Also, we will have a random draw of all check donors and the selected winner will also receive a $25 gift card.

Milestone prizes: Over the last 11 years Warren Gives has raised over $5,500,000 in total. This year we hope to cross the $6,000,000 mark and the donation that crosses that milestone will receive a $25 gift card, and if we surpass last year’s donation total of $802,199, that donor will also win a $25 gift card!




Donating is now closed for the 2024 event. Thank you to everyone who so generously donated!nated !

Credit & Debit Cards Accepted!

Donating to one or many of your favorite organizations has never been easier or more affordable!
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VISA, MasterCard and DISCOVER credit and debit cards accepted.