Donor FAQ’s

What is Warren Gives?

Warren Gives is an all-Warren County day of giving event hosted by the Community Foundation of Warren County.  The event is a special day of giving with goals of awareness and appreciation for community non-profits and encouraging new giving to those worthy organizations. Organizations will receive 100% of donations made at during the specified 16-hour time period and will also receive a prorated portion of the sponsored match pool.

When does Warren Gives begin and end?

This year’s event takes place on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. You have 16 hours to make your donation between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern time zone. Be sure to stay connected on this special day. We will post updates throughout the day on the Warren Gives website and Facebook.

Is there a minimum donation?

The minimum contribution is $10 and you may give to up to 10 (ten) organizations per transaction. There is no limit to the number of transactions or the amount of money you may give, however only the first $1000 you give per organization will be eligible for the match. For example,  if you make a $2000 contribution to one organization, only $1000 of that donation is eligible for the match. However, if you donate $1000 to one group and $1000 to another, then your entire donation receives the prorated match for each group.

Is there a limit to how many organizations I can donate to?

Each donation form can accommodate donations to up to 10 organizations in one credit card transaction.  If you would like to donate to more than 10 organizations simply complete your transaction for 10 and repeat the process starting back at the homepage.  You will need to reenter your information for each group of 10 or less and we thank you for your cooperation and generosity.  There is no need to clear cookies when making multiple transactions as was the case in the past.

Can I write a check instead of giving it with a credit card?

Back again for 2024: Checks will now be accepted if received at the Foundation office, 310 Second Ave, Warren, between 5/1/2024 and noon Monday, 5/13/2024.  Checks must be made payable to The Community Foundation of Warren County and accompanied by a Check Acceptance Form available for download here or from the Foundation office.  Contact the Foundation office for complete check acceptance details – (814) 726-9553 or by email at:

What types of credit cards are accepted?

Only Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit and debit cards will be accepted. Gift cards are not accepted.

Why can’t I use my Visa or MasterCard Gift Card?

Gift cards normally take a 5% processing fee which is considerably higher than credit or debit card processing fees, while normal Visa and MasterCard credit cards charge the Foundation a significantly lower processing fee. Please note that donors do not pay the processing fee – the Community Foundation covers these charges as part of their underwriting of the event. How this works, for example, if you make a $100 gift to a charitable organization, you receive the full $100 tax write off and the organization receives the full $100. The CFWC covers the processing fee as part of the event sponsorship.

Can I make a donation in memory of or in honor of someone?

When you select the organizations and amounts you would like to donate, you may also enter a name to make the donations in honor or memory of.  Multiple names or a note can be listed in the space provided for each organization you donate to.

I didn’t get a receipt via email. Why?

If you did not receive a receipt in your inbox after placing your donation or have any other problem using the site, please call (814) 726-9553 or send an email to

When will I know how much the charitable organization(s) I gave to made? Will I be notified?

Our goal is to distribute results and funds to participating organizations soon after the event. We will also share results with local media. Notifications to individual donors would need to be provided to donors by the receiving organization.

What will The CFWC do with the contact information from donors?

All donor contact and gift information received during Warren Gives will be sent to the respective organizations except for those gifts made anonymously.  All donors will receive a gift acknowledgment receipt for their tax records via email.  All donors, except those indicated as anonymous, will be recognized by name only for their support on the Warren Gives website, as well as in local print media following the event.  The CFWC may use email or mailing addresses for a period of one year to contact donors regarding Warren Gives or other Foundation activities but will not share donor information with other third parties not listed above for any purpose.

Can my donation remain anonymous?

When you complete the donation, at the bottom of the transaction page, you will be able to click “yes” or “no” to select if your donation should remain anonymous or not.  If you select “yes,”  then the organization will receive information on the amount donated but no contact information.  If you select “no,”  then we will supply your contact information to the organization so they can send you a gift acknowledgment letter.

How do organizations qualify to participate in this event?

Non-profit organizations are eligible to be considered to participate if they primarily serve Warren County, and have received a CFWC grant* in the last 3 years.  Requests for participation must be received by the Foundation by 12/31 of the preceding year in order to be considered.
*CFWC grants do not include grants from Donor Advised Funds.  While CFWC manages accounts for various funds and issues checks on their behalf, Donor Advised Fund grants are not considered Foundation grants.

Donating is now closed for the 2024 event. Thank you to everyone who so generously donated!nated !

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