Warren Gives Returns Wednesday May 18th!

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce the return of Warren Gives, held this year on Wednesday, May 18. This year there are 101 worthy organizations participating, all hoping for another great Warren County day of giving.

One of the things that make Warren Gives such a wonderful opportunity for the organizations and donors is the $60,000 match pool which is distributed to organizations based on a percentage of the dollars donated to them.  The match makes your donation dollars grow!  Our generous 2022 match sponsors are the Community Foundation, DeFrees Family Memorial Fund, Betts Foundation, Crossett, Ellwood National Forge, Northwest Charitable Foundation, McComas Charitable Fund, Sara Sokolski Memorial Fund, Superior Tire and Rubber, and United Refining Company.

Last years event recorded 5,832 donations from 1821 donors. The average
donation was $115.19, though donations ranged from $10 to $7,000. On average,
each donor contributed to three organizations. All 100 participating organizations
received donations and donations were received from 41 states.

“We are grateful for the outpouring of support for non-profit organizations
serving Warren County,” commented John Lasher, Executive Director of the
Community Foundation. “People are so aware of the needs in Warren County and used Warren Gives to support our local organizations. Their generosity is amazing!”

The Foundation will be publishing more information about the event,
including a thank you for all donors, as well as listings of the top fundraisers, and
winners of the incentive prizes. Updates will also be available on the Foundation
website, cfowc.org, as well as on the Warren Gives website, warrengives.org.

Visit warrengives.org and start planning your giving.  Sign up for a friendly email reminder which you’ll receive on event day, Wednesday, May 18th.