Match Pool Sponsors

The Betts Foundation
Mr. Todd Betts, Trustee
Mr.  Vance Lauffenburger, Trustee
1800 Pennsylvania Avenue West
Warren, PA 16365

Calvert Pearson Insurance Group
Mr. Erik Pearson
712 PA Ave W
Warren, PA 16365

Community Foundation of Warren County
Mr. Mark King, Executive Director
310 Second Ave., Suite 1
Warren, PA 16365

Crossett, Inc.
Mr. Jack Martin, President
201 S. Carver Street
Warren, PA 16365

Mr. Mike Barrett, President
1 Front Street
Irvine, PA 16329

DeFrees Family Memorial Fund
Advisory Committee
310 Second Ave., Suite 1
Warren, PA 16365

McComas Charitable Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Murray McComas
1600 N. Main Street
Russell, PA 16345

Northwest Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Kay Eadie
Northwest Bank
301 Second Avenue
Warren, PA 16365

Sara Sokolski Memorial Fund
Mr. Lincoln Sokolski
Whirley Industries, Inc.
618 Fourth Avenue
Warren, PA 16365

Superior Tire & Rubber Corporation
Mr. Henry Lemeur, President
40 Scientific Rd.
Warren, PA 16365

United Refining Company
Myron Turfitt, President
15 Bradley Street
Warren, PA 16365

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