Our Mission:  To provide the best possible preservation and protection of lives and property during and from such emergencies that may occur in the Township of Sheffield, or in any other area to which coverage is extended by Mutual Aid Agreement with the Sheffield Township Supervisors and/or the Sheffield Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Current Projects/Needs: The Sheffield Volunteer Fire Department is proud to be serving our community for 100 years! Over the past two years we have been very fortunate in adding to our number of active members within the department. These members have taken on the rigorous task of completing trainings needed to be certified in various levels to better serve our department and the community. With that, our department needs to buy several new sets of turn-out gear and other safety equipment, along with sending members, new and old, to the most up to date trainings. We are anticipating large equipment replacements due to an aging fleet and growing membership. We are hoping to purchase apparatuses that will be versatile in aiding our town and surrounding areas with essential equipment and manpower during emergencies.
With the cost of everything skyrocketing every donation is valuable.

Contact: SVFD
Phone: 814-968-5511

Email: svfdfirechief7210@gmail.com