The Lander Volunteer Fire Department provides for the public safety of all residents of Farmington Township as well as those that pass through, work in, or attend school here. We provide fire, EMS, and other emergency response services to the area as well as providing aid to our neighboring departments.

Current Projects/Needs: “Over the past 2 years there have been two big changes.  We have placed engine 561 – a 1997 Peirce – in service replacing the 1986 engine 562.  And we have officially renovated and moved into our new station at 5555 Route 957 (Chase Auction).  With the move complete, our focus is back on truck replacement as that is by far the most expensive part of operating.  Our current plan is to replace our existing 1996 Dodge with a new QRS vehicle that will be used for EMS, traffic control, and various other needs.  Looking back on 2021 responses, this new vehicle would have responded to over 100 calls last year and would be our most used piece by far.

All of your generosity is greatly appreciated and we can’t thank you enough for your support through participation in fund drives, the fair, sportsman bash, chicken bbq’s, and all of our other fundraising activities.”

Contact: Darryl Bergstrom
Phone: (814) 757-4521