The purpose of the North Warren VFD shall be the prevention and extinguishing of fires and the protection of life and property in the village of North Warren, Pennsylvania, and its vicinity and offering mutual aid assistance to other areas when called upon to do so.

Current Projects/Needs:

This year has been another hard year with the limited fundraisers we were able to do.  This year we are hoping to purchase a hose washer to keep our 9,000 feet of fire hose maintained and in good repair. This helps to prevent premature failure and/or shortened lifespan of the essential fire equipment.  We also will be needing to replace our Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) packs.  These have come to the end of their life cycle and are an integral part of any fire scene. All of the funds will help us to preserve, life and property when the time comes.  Thank you for your donation!

Contact: Cori Huff
Phone: (814) 688-0686
Address: 12 S. State Street, Warren, PA 16365