The purpose of the North Warren VFD shall be the prevention and extinguishing of fires and the protection of life and property in the village of North Warren, Pennsylvania, and its vicinity and offering mutual aid assistance to other areas when called upon to do so.

Current Projects/Needs:

This year the North Warren Vol. Fire Dept. is seeking funds in order to cover the costs associated with installing a Hose Washer/ Decon Machine for our station. Due to the immeasurable amount of Cancer Causing Agents found in any type of fire, we strive to maintain our members health and well being in all aspects of firefighting up to and including decontaminating our firehose after the incident. Currently the NWVFD maintains over 9000 ft of fire hose, a hose washing machine will  allow our department to maintain our hose in top working order and not allow premature failure or shortened lifespan due to the inability to clean our firehose properly as is recommended by the manufacturer

Contact: Cori Huff
Phone: (814) 688-0686
Address: 12 S. State Street, Warren, PA 16365