North Warren Volunteer Fire Department  

With the generous contributions during the 2022 Warren Gives event we were able to purchase the gear washer and it has been put to good use, extending the life of our turnout gear and reducing some possible cancer risk. Thank you!


The purpose of the North Warren Volunteer Fire Department shall be the prevention and extinguishment of fires and the protection of life and property in the Village of North Warren, and its vicinity and offering mutual aid assistance to other surrounding communities when called upon to do so.

Current Projects/ Needs:

North Warren Volunteer Fire Department is requesting your help to offset some of the financial liabilities that we incurred purchasing the SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) – Air Packs. We were able to replace them in 2023 as the old ones came to the end of their useful life.  Your generous contributions go farther on Warren Gives Day than any other day of the year. Thank you!

Contact: Cori Cushner
Phone: (814) 688-0686
Address: 12 S. State Street, Warren, PA 16365