The mission of the Warren Athletics Fund is to preserve the 19 male and female athletic programs at Warren Area High School and Beaty Warren Middle School.
An important goal of any school district should be to provide students with opportunities to practice leadership, participate in athletics, and many such opportunities. Teamwork and how students relate to one another are essential for future success in school and in life. There are few places where such skills can be better learned than on the sports field. Participation in athletics is, therefore, not separate from the educational process, but rather an integral part of it.
Warren Athletics Fund believes that the Warren County School District has forgotten its commitment to our student athletics by not fully funding the 19 athletic programs for our boys and girls. Warren Athletics Fund will not forget our student-athletes.

Current Projects/Needs: Our current goal is to raise $50,000 annually to make up for the funding shortfall voted on by the Warren County School District beginning with the 2011-2012 academic year.

Contact:  Jeff White / Steve Merenick
Phone: (814)726-9793