WASU remains…
“A place for youth to gather, spend time constructively, grow mentally and emotionally, learn social skills, respect and responsibility, build maturity, give back to the community and have fun. Current Projects/Needs: What makes WASU different from other youth clubs or organizations? We are not a youth organization run by adults for kids. WASU is a youth organization run by kids for kids. Each group of kids that comes through the doors has different ideas and different needs. The Youth Board sets the activities, raises the funds for those activities and is responsible for community volunteering. The WASU kids learn life skills, the value of giving back to the community and self worth. That is the big difference. The Adult Board is responsible for raising the funds necessary to keep the building open, pay the utilities, maintenance and other expenses. The Youth Board is responsible for raising all the funds for their own activities. The Youth are very successful in their fundraising efforts. In addition to our Fall fundraising event, at this time we are looking to raise additional funds to paint the fire escape, replace the front and rear doors with energy efficient doors, and to start renovations on a basement activities room.
We may look at the building and see nothing more than an old armory building, but many of the kids look at this building and see endless possibilities. Let’s not prove them wrong
Contact: Gary Franklin, Treasurer
Phone: 814-723-7674
Email: wasuteencenter@hotmail.com