Our mission
is to know Christ and to make Him known!

Current Projects/Needs: 

The Grace Hopes Fund gives us a source of funds to provide the absolute necessities of life to folks in our community. God sends people our way for help almost every day, and it is only through your generosity that we are able to help them.

The Grace Hopes Fund is most often used for small vouchers to Tops, so folks can purchase perishable food that our food pantry cannot provide. Young children, families, and others receive milk, bread, and meat that they would otherwise go without.
We also use the Grace Hopes Fund to help people in other ways, too.

There are times when community members have fallen behind on a utility bill or had an unexpected car repair. Through this fund, we can help people through their roughest days, as Jesus commanded us to do.

Contact: Rev. Bill Beatty
Address: 501 Pennsylvania Ave. E., Warren, PA  16365
Phone: 814-723-9440
E-mail: wrbeatty@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/embracegrace