The mission of the Allegheny Center for the Arts is to provide a creative, educational hub for arts and culture that offer opportunities for growth, development and partnership of arts- related programs and small business in the region.
The ACA helps promote opportunities for artistic growth and development for all ages. The core objective of the ACA is to offer holistic, multicultural, historical, and inter-generational experiences in the arts. ACA hopes to reflect the diversity of people, styles, and times that enrich the arts and our community. ACA offers an array of classes in art, music, writing, and acting. ACA takes the arts seriously, but our motto is: “Learn to Play at ACA.” Our goal is to have our students learn to become independent in the area of art, which they love, and to love art more deeply. Through our Facebook page ACA likes to promote the arts and the arts in the Warren area.
Current Projects/Needs:
Continuing to offer art classes in fine arts and performing arts
*Student assistance
*Needs in purchasing:
* equipment and supplies for classes
* monitor for use by teachers in photography and movie making
* music stands
* easels for art classes
* back drops for art, photography, and movie making classes
* sound system
* display stands for artwork display
* hardware and software for piano classes

To have your donation be reserved for the A D R Memorial Fund, please put  Amy Davis Riberdy Memorial Fund   in the “In Memory of” in  section of the credit card.

Contact: Mark Davis
Phone: 723-2057
Location: Second and third floors at
Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church
PO Box 431, 444 PA Ave West, Warren PA 16365