Sugar Grove Free Library is a community resource for the Sugar Grove Borough, Sugar Grove Township, Freehold Township, Farmington Township, and Bear Lake Borough.  All cardholders have borrowing access to books, magazines, DVDs, video games, and other physical library materials.  We also provide services including public use laptops, internet access, printing, copying, faxing, and a variety of events and programs for all ages.  Online resources provide tools to take you beyond Google when you need to know more and want to make sure your source is accurate.

We are rebuilding programs and activities for all ages and interests. Typical programs include Building clubs and Block parties, CheckersTV watch parties, Technology Help, Learning at the Library, Summer Learning, Book Club, Movie Night, Video and Board gameplay in-house, Story Hour, and more.  Local subject matter experts are scheduled to share their knowledge with the community.

Over the past year, Sugar Grove Free Library has been able to make needed improvements and we have added materials and tools available for use.  We work hard to take advantage of grant funding at the local and state level.  Several community organizations support this library, recognizing and partnering with us to create a space that benefits everyone in this area.

We still need you, each and everyone, and Warren Gives is the perfect opportunity to support us!

Current Projects/Needs:

Grant funding is in the works to add automatic openers to our entry doors to improve accessibility.  We will finish the project we began last year to install two picnic tables for outdoor use.  These will expand our outdoor program capabilities and provide workspace to take advantage of our 24/7 WiFi via Homework Hub.  Not every aspect of those projects is covered by this grant, so your support will make it happen!

Without your support, we cannot continue to build on the foundation of solid services this library was founded to provide.  Thank you for continuing to honor the gift of this library by enabling us to grow into the future!

Contact: Beverly Leonhardt, Director

Address: 22 Harmon St./ P.O. Box 313
Phone: (814) 489-7872
Facebook: Sugar Grove Free Library

Instagram: @SugarGroveFreeLibrary
Twitter   @SugarBooks