Our Mission:

“Empowering individuals, children, and families to seek their greatest potential by offering innovative and holistic healing through professional counseling.”

Our Vision:

Family Services of Warren County strives to be an essential part of helping the community heal and grow to its fullest potential.”

Current Projects/Needs:

FSWC staff are committed to staying current in the latest treatment trends for both substance abuse and mental health counseling.  Our goal in the year 2021-22 is to send 2 of our licensed mental health therapists to be trained in play therapy (a two year commitment).  Money raised will assist in paying for the training as well as purchasing needed items for a play therapy room.  As of now, the closest place for young children to receive play therapy by a trained therapist is a few hours away.  Bringing this much needed therapy to Warren will allow children in our community a safe place to heal, working through trauma without having to travel. 

Contact: Kimberly Holt, LPC
Phone: 814-723-1330
Location: 589 Hospital Drive, Suite E
Email:  kholt@fswc.org 
Website: www.fswc.org