Supportive Housing for Homeless Veterans

OUR MISSION: Provide a full continuum of care to homeless, unstably housed, and low-income veterans and facilitate their return to the community as productive, responsible citizens.

The Allegheny Valley Veterans Center (AVVC) is supportive housing for homeless veterans.  AVVC participants will receive case management to assist them with developing goals to transition from the AVVC into permanent housing.

Supported housing at the AVVC is more than just housing, it is a program that provides stable housing so residents can focus on setting and achieving goals that lead to self-sufficiency. Honest communication with staff is critical to the team being able to support all residents as much as possible. Staff members do their best to support residents while working on their goals; however, they also hold residents accountable for their actions.

Needs: Your donations will help with the completion of 4 more women/family rooms to add to the 1 that has already been completed on the first floor.  This will give the AVVC the ability to support 32 male veterans located on the upper floor of the facility and up to 8 female veterans or 4 veteran families that need a place to stay until they can get back on their feet on the lower floor of the facility. Your donations will also help us maintain services to the present and any future veterans.

 Point of Contact                                   

Michael Mclachlan                                          

Phone Number: 814-730- 4599


Allegheny Valley Veterans Center  AVVC Information

Phone Number:  814-313-6886