The Irvine Church, National Forge Road, Irvine PA, is the oldest Church in Warren County.  It has continuously served the locals for 188 years at this location and in the same building.  It is on the registry of National Historic Places. 
Dr. William Irvine built the stone structure as a wedding gift for his wife Sarah Duncan.  Sarah was teaching Sunday School on their big porch for the children of their tenant farmers and local Indian children.  She asked for a simple frame structure to use as a Church, but the Doctor had another vision.  He hired an immigrant stonemason from Scotland to build the classic structure.  Unfortunately, the first service in the Church was Sarah’s funeral, hence,  the Church is known to the locals as the Church that Love built.  Generations of members have practiced that love by serving the people of the area by sharing their Christian beliefs and provisions.  Services are held every Sunday at 9 a.m.  All are welcome.
Current Projects/Needs:  

The $170,000 debt for the restoration has been paid thanks to the generous donations via Warren Gives and our members.

The current need of the Irvine Church is to pay for the removal of several very large trees that threatened the structure if they were to come down in one of the area’s many storms. Maintenance of the grounds, Education Building, and storage structures is also an ongoing need. Our congregation is small but very active.  The extra funds from Warren Gives insures that this historical treasure is preserved for future generations.

Contact: Joanne Oviatt
Phone: 814-563-4286