Girl Scouts of Warren County

Kinzua Country SU 3628- Warren County 

 Our Mission, Program, & Reach

The Girl Scout mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

  • We achieve this through leadership development programming for girls in grades K through 12 in the areas of STEM, outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship.
  • Our approach is girl-led, collaborative, and encourages ‘learning by doing.
  • Above all, Girl Scouts provides a safe environment for girls to learn and grow.

There are over 200 Scouts in Warren County and can’t wait to have more join.

There are over 100 girls waiting to join troops in Warren and we are in desperate need of adult volunteers to make this happen!

Kinzua County SU 3628 Warren County Needs:

We are currently paying for a storage unit that houses our camp and event items that we use all year for fun activities. This money currently comes out of our fundraisers- means less money for our girls for events and activities.

Kinzua County SU 3628 Warren County Event Details:

Every month, from September to May, we hold at least one event a month.

  • September- Pantry Donations- Pie in the Face and Camp Activities, Movies
  • October- Halloween Party, Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Skate
  • November-Veterans Dinner
  • December- Christmas Walk, Christmas Events, Ornament Making and Gingerbread House Fun
  • January-Ice Skating, Movies
  • February-Father Daughter Bowling, Lock-ins, Powderpuff Derby
  • March – Art Show, Baby Donations, Girl Scout Week
  • April- Father Daughter Dance, Bouldering, Easter Egg Hunt
  • May-Mother Daughter Events, End of Year Parties
  • Summer- Camps, Canoe, Kayak, Hiking, Fishing



Kinzua County supplies all items for these events with a small charge from the scout family.  We try to keep everything close to $15 or less per event- that way more scouts can participate.  It would be fantastic to offer events for less of a cost to the scout family- so many more can have an opportunity to participate.
We, as volunteers, are working to enhance our current programs, do more activities and events and bring back our Summer Camp and offer more Troop Camping.  With camping comes costly leader trainings and certificate programs (i.e. first aid, life guarding, canoe and archery training, etc.)  We are also hoping to go on a Service Unit Trip to Niagara Falls.
Kinzua Country SU 3628 and its volunteers are dedicated to providing the best scouting experience for girls of Warren County.  Monies raised WILL stay in Warren County with our very own Service Unit to directly support all trainings, events, activities and, hopefully, more travel or camp experiences!!

Contact:  Shauna Sanders Service Unit Manager 3628