Founded in 2010, the Allegheny Community Center (ACC) is a non-profit organization operating under the auspices of Experience, Inc., serving residents of Warren and Forest Counties. The ACC’s primary focus is to meet the needs of older people to help them age and live well.
The Center provides the following community supports –
*Nutrition and Health Programs
*Education & Personal Growth
*Care Management for Aging Services
*Volunteer Opportunities
Current Projects/Needs:

We are opening only on Mondays at the present time. I hope the time open increases before the May Warren Gives. We have been a venue for the COVID Clinics for our Seniors and we have been providing the free VITA tax program virtually this year for the community. So even technically closed we’ve been busy.  Thank you!

We are working on providing video interviews of all of the other wonderful non-profits available in our community that provide needed programs and services to all of our communities in Warren and Forest Counties. It has been a very difficult year for everyone. The ACC is here to help, whether it is supporting a social activity, providing a lunch, or getting you the information you need.

Funding for Health and Wellness programming for older people to age and live well, including: exercise and nutrition programs to keep people healthy and vital; chronic disease management programs to help people regain their health; volunteer program support to keep people engaged in our community; and social programs to help people feel connected to others. Community support is necessary to keep these programs available in Warren and Forest County as state funding through the Department of Aging is expected to decrease in the coming years.
Contact:  Kimberly Wilson – Center Services Director for Warren and Forest Counties
Phone: 814-723-3237
Location: 42 Clark Street, 2nd Floor, Warren, PA 16365