Mission: Since 1924, the United Fund has been Warren County’s largest annual fundraising effort. It supports twenty human service agencies throughout the County and does it all without spending any of the contributions on administrative or campaign costs. 100% of the money received from the campaign goes directly to the member organizations.
The services provided cover a broad range. About 50% of the money raised supports kids through scouting, child care, 4-H, and the YMCA. Another 20% benefits senior citizens through programs at the senior centers in Warren and Sheffield. Counseling through Hospice and Family Services receives 10% of the money raised, and 15% goes for emergency services through the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Finally, 5% helps with disability services through New Hope Dogs, BEI, and the Don Mills Center.
For more information, contact the United Fund office at 814-726-0292
or visit our website http://www.unitedfundwarren.org

Current Projects/Needs:
All funds received will be put toward the upcoming 2023 Torchlight campaign

Contact:  Lacey Hanson
Location: 308 Market Street,
P. O. Box 844, Warren, PA 16365
Phone: 814-726-0292