Trails at Jakes Rocksp Since the opening of the initial 10 miles of trail in August of 2016, the Trails at Jakes Rocks system has grown each year to its’ current 32 miles of world-class, professionally designed, and constructed mountain-bike optimized destination system.  Trail counter data collected by the US Forest Service through 2021 indicate usage of the trail system by bikers and hikers to be in excess of 15,000 individuals annually.

The total trail system designed and environmentally analyzed includes 47 miles of trail with the outstanding trail mileage still a goal for completion over the upcoming years.  Phase 5 of the construction process will be completed by fall 2022, adding 2 additional miles of trail which will provide an additional access route from Longhouse Drive to Dewdrop campground.

While we remain focused on securing funding for the completion of the total trail system, we are also working closely with the US Forest Service and Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA) to ensure that the existing trail system is properly maintained, work that requires both human and financial resources.

For this year the primary focus for trail maintenance and feature enhancement is improving the surfaces of the numerous wooden puncheons and adding safety railings to several wooden bridges.  We will be investigating several surface treatments including adding rolled roofing materials to the decks as well as surface cleaning and roughening techniques to determine which actions are most effective in reducing the potential slip hazards which can exist.

Your donations to the Trails at Jakes Rocks in 2022 will be dedicated to these vital system maintenance activities and will be used for the purchase of tools and materials needed to ensure the system is as safe as possible for all users.

We sincerely thank you for your support.


Contact: Jim Decker


Phone: 814-723-3050