On August 28, 2016 Phase 1 of the Trails at Jakes Rocks was officially opened!  Roughly 10 miles of trails were completed by Dirt Artisans at a total cost of roughly $400,000.  Based upon traffic monitoring completed by the US Forest Service, nearly 5,000 individuals utilized this 10 miles of trail from September 1 through November 30.   Trail use continued throughout the winter months as well due to the light snowfall experienced.
2017 will see several additions to the Trails at Jakes Rocks system.   In May, a new trailhead information center will be constructed.

This structure has been designed and will be fabricated and installed by John Boisvert of Boisvert Woodworking.  All labor involved in the project is being donated by John.  A custom 3D trail system topographic map is being created by Scott and Diana Elmquist of Skylon Tool for placement in this structure.  Again, labor for this element is being donated to the project.
Trail name signage is being created and will be installed by the end of May.
Construction and professional oversight agreements have been finalized with Dirt Artisans and Kay-Linn for Phase 2 of trail construction.  Financial support for this additional 9 miles of trail has been received from the Community Foundation of Warren County, Betts Foundation, Superior Tire and Rubber, Whirley Industries, DeFrees Foundation, Northwest Charitable Foundation, United Refining Company, Targeted Pet Treats, Straub Brewery, Elks Lodge 223 and several private individuals.  Contracts for Phase 2 will be released upon formal approval of grant funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission.   Phase 2 will be completed in two phases due to Dirt Artisan availability.  Phase 2A will include 5 miles of trail and will be completed in 2017.  Phase 2B will include an additional 4 miles of trail which will be completed in Spring 2018.
Current Needs:
Funding is required for Phase 3 of the project which will include 9 miles of trail which is hoped to be completed in 2018 as an add-on to Phase 2B.
The private funding needed for Phase 3 is $75,000. These funds will be utilized as match for funding requested through the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
Private funding is also needed to provide for the ongoing maintenance of the trail system.  The labor required to maintain the trails is being provided by members of the Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association.  It is necessary that proper tools and materials be available to these volunteers as maintenance needs arise throughout the trail system.

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