A community place for everyone!

The mission of the Sheffield Township Library is to serve the educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs of the community as a whole and to ensure every citizen’s freedom to access all library resources. The library seeks to provide a welcoming environment, a qualified staff, a variety of materials in several formats, and access to current technology.

Current Projects/Needs:

Thank you for supporting the library!  The library needs a sign for the outside of the building.  Our location is easy to find once you are inside the lobby of our wonderful location, but a sign on the outside would help people know the library is here and ready to serve them.  A lighted sign in a style complimenting the building would be perfect!  The library has been in service to the community for 99 years.  In 2022, the library will mark its 100th anniversary.  Please help the library to be an even more visible asset to the community.  Our goal is to raise $2500 to cover the cost and installation of the sign.

Contact: Alexis McAvoy
Phone: 814-936-3439
Email: librarian@sheffieldlibrary.org