Redevelopment of 118 East Main Street

Revitalization of Youngsville (ROY) has recently purchased 118 East Main Street, the old Fairmont Hotel location. This property has been an area of concern in Youngsville for many years and was recently identified as a necessary location to revitalize in the Youngsville Master plan that was done in collaboration with the Youngsville Borough.
Our approach to this project is to work in phases:

Phase 1– Secure the Location (Completed)

Phase 2– Demolition

  • Currently ROY has invested $30,000 of our funds to secure this location and get asbestos studies completed. Our plan is to demolish the building and develop a community space. We have secured bids for asbestos removal and demolition, and we expect a cost that will range between $65,000 to $86,695.

Phase 3- Redevelop the Location.

  • In this phase ROY will work with the public and community leaders to design a public plaza or park that will complement our downtown. We envision an area with tables, benches, a place for music and other family friendly amenities. The need for a community space is another item identified in the Youngsville Master Plan.

Donations to revitalization of Youngsville through Warren Gives will be used towards the completion of this project and improving the Youngsville Community.

Contact: John Papalia
Phone: 814-723-3050
Cell: 814-730-1660

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