Mission: Rouse exists to improve the quality of life for those who cannot fully care for themselves, regardless of age or economic status. We do this by continually expanding our knowledge, broadening our continuum of care, and improving our services.

Caring for Generations:

Rouse, Warren County’s leader in caring for generations, specializes in dementia services, skilled nursing home care, rehabilitation, personal care, in home care, and child day care. In each of our service lines, our care is delivered to individuals based on their needs and wishes, rather than following an institutional schedule.  We consistently strive to maintain a culture of exceeding the expectations of our customers, their families and our employees.

Current Projects/Needs:

Rouse constantly aims to enhance the quality of life for residents and clients across all our facilities. Through our 2024 “Forget Me Not” Campaign, we strive to transform the Rouse Home Memory Care setting with interactive design elements. This year, all contributions to the Rouse Estate will go towards acquiring materials to improve our memory care community at the Rouse Home. Our goal is to raise $15,000 for installing interactive murals, customizing room doors for wayfinding assistance, repainting the neighborhood, and procuring interactive recreational items.

Contact:  Reyd Martin

Phone:  814-563-7565
Email: rmartin@rouse.org
Website: www.rouse.org