Warren Forest Higher Education Council has been successful in using a variety of methods to provide the necessary education and coursework for the needs of the community. By providing support and space for traditional colleges, community colleges, vocational schools, and online education options, Hi-Ed ensures that students have access to a wide array of learning opportunities close to home. Online options are available through Ed2Go.  The Council provides noncredit adult education course utilizing various providers, developing coursework, and expanding to offer coursework in communities around the region.  The bulk of the courses provided are located onsite in the classrooms available in the Hi-Ed building.

One notable initiative facilitated by the Hi-Ed Council is the School to Work Program. This program is designed to help K-12 students explore career interests and opportunities through immersive, real-world experiences. By organizing events such as college fairs, financial aid seminars, FAFSA completion workshops, career days, and visits to local businesses, the program offers invaluable insights and resources to students as they transition from school to college or the workforce.

Donations received via Warren Gives plays a crucial role in sustaining and enhancing the School to Work Program. Contributions help cover expenses such as busing, supplies, and presenter, ensuring that the program remains accessible and impactful for all participants.

The School to Work Program stands as a testament to the Hi-Ed Council’s commitment to fostering educational excellence and empowering students to achieve their full potential in the professional realm. Your generosity in supporting this program is deeply appreciated and directly contributes to the enrichment of our community. Thank you for recognizing the value of this initiative and for your generous donation.

Contact: Joan Stitzinger, Executive Director
Warren/Forest Higher Education Council
Address: 589 Hospital Drive, Suite F, Warren, PA 16365
Phone: 814-723-3222
Email: jstitzinger@hi-ed.org
Website: www.hi-ed.org