Warren County Historical Society

It is the mission of the Warren County Historical Society to provide educational programming through the use of local historical artifacts, images, documents, and textiles. This programming will promote interest in the county’s heritage. To this purpose, the organization will preserve, interpret, and exhibit the material culture of all generations in Warren County, Pennsylvania, since the beginning. The educational resources of the organization will be made available to all individuals, businesses, municipalities, and organizations. This mission will be achieved through the preservation by acquisition and care of Warren County-related artifacts, images, documents, and textiles, including a genealogical collection and a local history-oriented library that will be available to members and the general public. This mission also requires involvement with community organizations and individuals in order to support and communicate the importance of historic preservation and the historical integrity of Warren County, Pennsylvania. This mission is held in the highest regard by the Warren County Historical Society’s board of directors, staff, and volunteers.

Current Projects/Needs:   The Warren County Historical Society sponsors an annual internship program. Your donation will fund the employment of college students to provide additional manpower for projects that require special attention while enhancing our youths’ interest and knowledge of Warren County’s history.

The Wilder Museum of Warren County History, a holding of the Warren County Historical Society, is located at 51 Erie Avenue, Irvine, PA. This county treasure displays over 4,000 artifacts depicting the history of Warren County. Your donation to the Wilder Museum will fund future restoration projects and ensure a preservation-friendly environment to protect Warren County’s historic gems for posterity. Please input “Wilder Museum” on the memo line.

Thank you for your support!


Contact: Michelle Gray
Phone: 814-723-1795
Location: 210 Fourth Avenue, Warren, PA 16365
Email:  warrencountyhistory@aol.com
Website :    www.warrenhistory.org