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Mission: “The future depends on what you do today.” -Mahatma Gandhi

The BVF is an important, forward-thinking, non-profit foundation created to benefit residents in our Brokenstraw Valley Area with supplemental funding opportunities for community-minded projects and improvements. BVF is a foundation that helps enhance the Brokenstraw Valley by sponsoring grants for projects that will positively impact our residents and improve our community.

For the purpose of grant distribution, the BVF considers the Brokenstraw Valley Area to include (but is not limited to): Brokenstraw Twp, Garland, Irvine, Pittsfield Twp, and Youngsville Borough.

Donations made by the public are left untouched (as investment capital) & will continue to grow. Grants will only be distributed from the interest generated by BVF’s principal/investment capital. Therefore, each BVF donation you make will have longevity!

BVF’s first grants were awarded in 2019! Grants are awarded annually.

Current Goals/Needs:
(1) Raise at least $10,000 annually through donations. Those donations will be added directly to the BVF’s principal/investment capital, left untouched, to grow.

(2) To continue to have enough earned interest (through sufficient investment capital) to maintain BVF’s current, annual grant distribution.

Contact: Kristy Wallace, BVF Secretary
Address:100 Broad St, Youngsville, PA 16371
Website: OurBVF.org or BrokenstrawValleyFund.org