Thank you to all 1907 generous donors and our 2020  match sponsors!  What an amazing year!

Warren Gives 2020 Donor List

126 Anonymous Donors
 Aaren Danielson
 Abby McMichael
 Abby Wenzel
 Adam Bundy
 Adam Judy Beltz
 Addy and Gary Landrio
 Adria Buzzard
 Adriane G Ludwick
 Ahren  Mead
 Aiden and Ashlynn Zawacki
 Al and Jeri Fox
 Al and Karen Conarro
 Alan Brumagin
 Alan Yelvington
 Albert Webster
 Alex & Anne Zawacki
 Alexa Bupp
 Alexandra Hagberg
 Alexxis Hoak
 Alice Fadale
 Alicia Dueck
 Alicia Elfstrom
 Alison Mukhtar
 Alissa Allen
 Allen w Smith
 Allison Gentz
 Allura A Schwanke
 Amanda Kaskan
 Amanda Smith
 Amy Carlson
 Amy DeYoung
 Amy Downey
 Amy Lyon
 Amy Morningstar
 Amy Perkins
 Amy Peterson
 Amy Rydholm
 Amy Willsie
 Andrea Atkins
 Andrea L. Stapleford
 Andrea Taylor
 Andrew and Darbee Harrington
 Andrew and Michele Sokolski
 Andrew and Rayon Glotz
 Andrew Brooks
 Andrew C Young
 Andrew G Jones
 Andrew King
 Andrew S. Tubbs
 Andy and Jane Beardsley
 Andy Pope and Annette Drummond
 Angela B Page
 Angela R. McClure
 Ann  Robertson Heilweil
 Ann Ferguson
 Ann L. Monroe
 Ann M. Buerkle
 Ann Morelli Spencer
 Ann Rossman
 Anna Banker
 Anne and Tony Creal
 Anne Benson
 Anne Hollingshead
 Annette and Stan Sivak
 Annette Drummond and Andy Pope
 Annette Swart
 Ann-Marie Wood
 Anthony and Mary Brown
 Antonia Williams
 Archer and Sue Perrin
 Ardelle E. Johnson
 Ardith L Atkins
 Arlene Brown
 Arlene Molinaro
 Art and Becky Zerbe
 Art and Bev Sager
 Art Audley
 Arthur Stewart
 Ash  Pam Khare
 Ashley Gruber
 Ashley Hordusky-Fiske
 Ashley Moski
 Barb and Clint Couse
 Barb and Randy Wolfe
 Barb Johnson
 Barb Rockenbach
 Barbara and Dan Murphy
 Barbara Ann Jashurek
 Barbara B. Spetz
 Barbara Babcock
 Barbara C. Litten
 Barbara Crawford
 Barbara Harrison
 Barbara Johnson
 Barbara L. Graziano
 Barbara Lynn Cole and Dave Krespan
 Barbara McGuinness
 Barbara Swanson
 Barry Hughes
 Barry K Wutz
 Barry Keller
 Basil and Trudy  Kulka
 Basil and Trudy Kulka
 Beatrice K Nuhfer
 Benjamin Allen Farnham
 Benjamin Kafferlin
 Bernie and Linda Hessley
 Bette G Gerardi

Betty Jean Voltmann

 Betty VanOrd
 Beverly Creed
 Beverly Leonhardt
 Bev Himes
 Bill and Deb Presnar
 Bill and Dee Dee Tucker
 Bill and Judy Grolemund
 Bill and Linda Fehrenbach
 Bill and Mary Massa
 Bill and Pat Sproveri
 Bill and Tracy Bunk
 Bill Robertson
 Blair and Pam Smoulder
 Blanche and Richard Gaillard
 Blanche D. Shuman
 Bo and Stephanie Freitag
 Bob and  Lois Abbott
 Bob and Andrea Sedon
 Bob and Gloria Gates
 Bob and Judy McGinn
 Bob and Linda Nelson
 Bob and Lynn Sears
 Bob and Mary Gustafson
 Bob and Pat Duffy
 Bob and Rene Johnson
 Bob Lloyd
 Bobette Loyd
 Bonnie Anderson
 Bonnie L. Reynolds
 Bonnie M Miller
 Brad Amy Will Grace Allen
 Brad and Kathryn Zurcher
 Brenda L Scott
 Brenda Newport
 Brenda Ristau
 Brenda Schnick
 Brent and  Nancy Jones
 Brett Jones
 Brian and Casey Ferry
 Brian and Kelley Wood
 Brian and Lynn Waterfield
 Brian Ayers
 Brian Fronk
 Brittany R Wilcox
 Brokenstraw Valley Campgrounds
 Brooke Glienna
 Bruno and Cathy Vavala
 Bryan Rodgers
 Byron and Janet Jespersen
 C Daniel Cooper
 C.D. and Jo Moore
 Cacie Johnson
 Caleb and Kim Gnage
 California United Methodist Women
 Calvary United Methodist Women
 Calvert Pearson Insurance Group Inc
 Carl R McAdams
 Carmen Bevacqua
 Carmen Culbertson
 Carol and Mark Torrance
 Carol and Will Mead
 Carol C. Herbert
 Carol Guadagnino
 Carol Hardenburg
 Carol J. Hammerbeck
 Carol Johnson
 Carol L. Reitz
 Carol M. Steffler
 Carol Sauers
 Carole Wiederwax
 Caroline and David Dorn
 Caroline Check
 Carolyn Kintner
 Carolyn O’Donnell
 Carrie Chelko
 Carrie Gray
 carrie Guiher
 Carrie Ludwick
 Carrie Salapek
 Cassandra Waseleski
 Cassie Krask
 Catherine Gilanshah
 Cathleen Hall
 Cathy and Bill Phillips
 Cathy and Jon Peterson
 Cathy Burnett
 Cathy Carver
 Cathy L Anderson
 Cathy Southwell
 Celia Gross
 Chad and Tawni Betts
 Chad Capela
 Chad Jespersen
 Charles and Janet Thompson
 Charles F Mahood
 Charles Hildebrand
 Charles Keeports
 Charles Libby
 Charles Millet
 Chase and Mary Putnam
 Chelsea and Josh Burkett
 Cheryl  and  Larry Reagle
 Cheryle Newmeyer
 Cheryll Brenner
 Chet and Jan Munksgard
 Chris and Charity Seymour
 Chris and Jena Albaugh
 Chris and Kay Widdowson
 Chris Berarducci
 Chris Heaton
 Chris Stuart
 Christa M Williams
 Christian J Davidson
 Christina Burns
 Christina McClellan
 Christine and Mark King
 Christine Dolan
 Christine J Kuntz
 Christine L Case
 Christine L. Spink
 Christine Marie Leonard
 Christopher Northup
 Christy Passinger
 Chuck and Cindy Hood
 Chuck and Deanna Gern
 Chuck and Donna Swartz
 Chuck and Karen Thomas
 Cindi Marzka
 Cindy A Garrison
 Cindy Brooks
 Cindy M Hynes
 Cindy Zaffino
 CJ Lampley
 Clair Beardsley
 Claudia Alexander
 Claudia Goodwin
 Clifford d Wyble
 Clomer and Kimberly Woodin
 Cochran Zandi Lumber LLC
 Colin Beck
 Colin Blair
 Colleen Christian
 Colleen Miller
 Collier Township Police Association
 Connie Burrows
 Connie hibner
 Connie Jenkinson
 Connie Kessler
 Connie Michell
 Connie Ozer
 Constance A Morrison
 Corey and Matthew Willis-Gordon
 Corey Bailey
 Cory Turben
 Courtney Frantz
 Covenant United Methodist Church
 Craig  Patricia Esterbrook
 Craig and Carol Wilcox
 Craig and Cindy Bowley
 Craig and Katy Paul
 Craig Seger
 Crystal G Jewell
 Curt and Carla Penwell
 Cynthia Bish
 Cynthia David
 Cynthia Hummel
 Cynthia Kifer
 Cynthia Moore-Koikoi
 Cynthia Spicer
 D M Ingerson
 D. Mooney
 Dale Allmendinger
 Dale and Dolores  Timco
 Dale and Sandi Dexter – D & S Heating
 Dale Brenneman
 Dale Walter Smith
 Dan and Annie Clement
 Dan and Karen Blair
 Dan and Tracey Grolemund
 Dan Brink
 Dan Elmquist
 Dana and Paula Kubiak
 Danette Hedman
 Daniel and Michelle Gray
 Daniel and Sandra Glotz
 Daniel Giffin
 Daniel Reiff
 Daniel S Mead
 Daniel Thomas
 Danielle LaMancuso
 Danielle Oswald
 Dante and Rosemary Terzigni
 Darla Faith Watkins
 Darla Herrnberger
 Darlene Reynolds
 Darrell and Carol Pusateri
 Darrell Johnson
 Darryl and Kim McTavish
 Dart Summerson
 Dave and Barb Brown
 Dave and Sherry Albrecht
 David A. Hoop
 David and Barbara Mourer
 David and Christine Duell
 David and Crissi Winans
 David and Hallie Rigg
 David and Judy Dunham
 David and Karen Martin
 David and Kathy Wiedmaier
 David and Lisa Ledebur
 David and Rhonda Sterrett
 David Berdine
 David C and Deborah A Foster
 David Campbell
 David Leidig
 David Oberg
 David S. Powell
 David Snyder and Susan Stout
 David Stanford
 David Vanorsdale
 David Zock
 David Zofko
 Dawn Andrew John and Lillian Seyler
 Dawn Larson
 Deacon Joseph A. Lucia  Jr
 Dean and Lisa Huya
 Dean and Nadine Westover
 Deanne Champagne
 Deb Anderson
 Debbie and Allen Henry
 Debbie Dietsch Hunter
 Debbie Haskins
 Debbie Moore
 Debi Bull
 Debi Hagberg
 Deborah B Haines
 Deborah Bailey
 Deborah Eschborn
 Deborah Gillihan
 Deborah Lankins
 Deborah Olson
 Deborah Piotrowski
 Deborah Seastrum
 Deborah Smith
 Debra Davis
 Debra Foster
 Debra Taibbi
 Debra Young
 Dede and Greg Latimer
 Denise Benim
 Denise Cederquist
 Denise Myers
 Denise Snyder
 Denise Titch
 Dennis  & Debbie Groves
 Dennis and Michele Peters
 Dennis and Patti Munch
 Dennis Bonace

Dennis Johnson

 Dennis LaBarte
 Dennis Mattison
 Dennis & Nancee Shields
 Denny and LuAnn Munksgard
 Denny and Sandy Davis
 Denny and Vonda Hedges
 Derek and Nichole Harrison
 Diana Hoffner
 Diana Jeff Flickner
 Diana Sherry
 Diane Boschert
 Diane Danielson
 Diane Loomis
 Diane Martin
 Diane McGraw and Children
 Diane Stenstrom
 Dianne C. Tate
 Dianne Meier
 Dick and Jane Burlingame
 Diedra and Roy Swanson
 Don and Donna Burkhart
 Don and Kate Reed
 Don D Owens
 Don Nelson
 Donald and Sarah Rutherford
 Donald E Umpleby
 Donald T. and W. Jean Johnson
 Donna and George Smith
 Donna Bradley
 Donna Caito
 Donna Hale
 Donna J. Myers
 Donna Magoun
 Donna McDonald
 Donna V. Tomassoni
 Donna Wilson
 Donnie Rosie
 Doris B Lake
 Dorothy Curtis
 Dorothy Knapp
 Dorothy M. Robinault
 Doug and Jackie Angove
 Doug and Lorie Corbin
 Doug Pointon
 Douglas Hearn and Steven Blume
 Douglas Higby
 Douglas Kafferlin
 Dr and Mrs Jeffrey Moore
 Dr Paul and Vivien Boger
 Dr. and Mrs. Van Johnson
 Dr. Andrea Richard
 Dr. Charles E. and Kathleen G. Keller
 Dr. Karen L. Black
 Drs. Paul and Amanda Green and Family
 Dru Schoenborn
 Duane and Donna Vicini
 Duane Taylor
 Dustin and Ally Cathcart
 Dustin Nelson
 Dylan Johnston
 Earl Ross
 Ebensburg UMW care of SallyAnn Nixon
 Ed and Ellie Harvey
 Ed and Susan Loutzenhiser
 Ed and Tracey Munch
 Edgar Burris
 Edmund Lord
 Edward and Ruth Seebeck
 Edward Ball
 Edward Lesh
 Edwin Atwood
 Edwin W Atwood
 Elaine and James Dickerson
 Elaine C Egbert
 Elaine L Crossley
 Elaine Taraska
 Eleanor Gard
 Elin Smith
 Elizabeth Bauer
 Elizabeth Bitzer
 Elizabeth Dustin
 Elizabeth Griffin
 Elizabeth M Peterson
 Elizabeth McPherson
 Elizabeth Nicholson
 Elizabeth Orn
 Elizabeth S Conquer
 Elizabeth Williams
 Ellen A Scalise
 Ellen Carlson
 Ellen Nelson
 Ellen Paquette
 Elsa Redding
 Emilie Rossman
 Emily and Brian Streich
 Emily and Steve Onuffer
 Emily Anderson Cassidy
 Emily H. Thomas
 Emily Irby
 Emily Seitz
 Emily Wadlow
 Emma Lobdell
 Emmanuel Jacoby
 Emyle Becker
 Eric and Lisa Hagberg
 Eric Morelli
 Erica Blair
 Erik and Carrie Pearson
 Erik Fincher
 Erik Krantz
 Erin Richardson
 Erin Sudul
 Ernst Conservation Seeds
 Esther Beers
 Ethan Lyle
 Ethel Chalfant
 ETHS Life Member
 Eugene and Doddie Casasanta
 Eugene Rowland
 Evan Thomas
 Evelyn Ann Stufflebeam
 Faith Zastrow
 Farley Wright
 Fran and Matt Allen
 Fran Leto
 Fran Perrin
 Frank W Johnson
 Fred and Ruby MacWithey
 Freda Pyles
 G. Murry Quiggle
 Gail and  Shawn Kirsch
 Gail and Jenny Grosch
 Garrett and Hannah Cooper
 Gary and Debbie Franklin
 Gary and Dixie Brumagin
 Gary and Joan McAFoos
 Gary and Karen Swanson
 Gary and Patsy Peck
 Gary and Penny Lester
 Gary and Suzanne Candreia
 gary bjorkquist
 Gary Grindle
 Gary J. Bish
 Gary L Lane
 Gary Sauer
 Gary Wagner
 Gatesway Cleaning
 Gayle Johnson
 George and Leann Costello
 George Margaret Derx
 Gerald A. Huber
 Gerald E. Doverspike
 Gerald N. Mathewson
 Gerald Nuhfer
 Gerald Sandra Gilman
 Gerald W and Jane Ullrich
 Geraldine Summerson
 Gerrit Cain
 Gerry and Kathleen Dahl
 Gerry L. Africa
 Gertrude Yaple
 Ginger Robinson
 Gloria Olson
 Gloria Venal
 Gordon Mathis
 Grace Libby
 Grace United Methodist Women Sykesville PA
 Greg and Debby Gross
 Greg Fitzgerald
 Gregg Heinold
 Gregg Trisket
 Gregory and Pamela Lyle
 Gregory B. Fraser
 Groszek Sternberg Family
 Grove City Grace United Methodist Women
 Hamlin Chapel UMW
 Hank and Holly LeMeur
 Hannah Donaldson
 Hannah Miller
 Harold and Nancy Singleton
 Harry S Dunshee
 Heather Bell
 Heather L. Hartline
 Heather Tome
 Helen Bova
 Helmuth G. VanHarte
 Hemlock Wealth Management
 Henry and Donna Pondel
 Herbert Barnickel
 Hickory United Methodist Women
 Holly and Bob Domville
 Holly Smith
 Holly Zaffino
 Hope Punsky
 Ian and Barbara Scott
 Ian Purnell
 Ike and Sue Borland
 Ines Nelson
 Isaac Alberson
 Isaac Hanson
 Ivan T Pollack
 J  C Tarr
 J Patrick Lenox
 J R Thompson
 Jack and Diane Martin
 Jack and Rosemary Angove
 Jack Wurzel
 Jacob Gage
 Jacob Williams
 Jacqueline A Bonace
 Jacqueline Caringola
 Jacqueline Rudolph
 Jada Swart
 Jake and Lyn Stoddard
 Jamar Tarr
 James A Russo
 James Altman
 James and Betty Marshall
 James and Elizabeth Senger
 James and Heather Alexander
 James and Kimberly California
 James and Linda Davis
 James and Mary Woodward
 James and Ruth Barnes Shaw
 James and Suzann
 James and Suzann Yovich
 James E Slack
 James Fehlman
 James m. Slack
 James Simpson
 James Young
 Jamie and Alyssa Renninger
 Jamie and Kathy Mohney
 Jamie Davidson
 Jamie Sarah RJ and Alex Frederick
 Jan Myers
 Janae Ryan
 Jane Dunshie
 Jane E Conroe
 Jane R Dunshie
 Janet Denardi
 Janet R Mack
 Janice L Lipps
 Janice Lyle
 Janine Tomassoni
 Janis H Bennett
 Janis Tracy
 Jason Maier
 Jason Ritter
 Jay and Jaime Lauffenburger
 Jayne Erzen
 Jean D Hammer
 Jean Denardi
 Jean Gomory
 Jean L.Hotchkiss
 Jeanne and Greg Pierson
 Jeanne Fralick
 Jeanne Wiebenga
 Jeff and Ann Kerr
 Jeff and Kathy Landin
 Jeff and Kathy Sedon
 Jeff and Kelly Kroon
 Jeff Eggleston
 Jeff Halcomb
 Jeff R Granger
 Jeff Rupp
 Jeffrey and Joyce Strickland
 Jeffrey and Lynn Munch
 Jeffrey and Stephanie Scutella
 Jeffrey D DePetro
 Jeffrey Passaro
 Jeffrey R. Tome
 Jeffrey Race
 Jenn Scalise and Lonny Connolly
 Jenna Thiessen
 Jennifer and Jeffrey Cullers
 Jennifer Cox
 Jennifer Fox
 Jennifer Goerlich
 Jennifer Hoffman
 Jennifer Madigan
 Jennifer Messinger
 Jennifer Nicklas
 Jennifer Nuttall
 Jennifer Phillips
 Jennifer Rebecca Pojar
 Jennifer Sherman
 Jennifer Slack
 Jennifer Suppa
 Jennifer Wise
 Jennifer Wood
 Jeraldine L Rulander
 Jeremy A Graff
 Jerry and Carrie Jewell
 Jerry and Linda Falconer
 Jerry and Matita Jespersen
 Jerry Come
 Jerry Kessler
 Jerry Nancy Stanko
 Jessica Abbey
 Jessica Guise
 Jessica Spragg
 Jessica Taylor and Aaron Keller
 Jill Lutton
 Jill Pike
 Jill Ruszczyk
 Jill Singer
 Jim and Carrie Duckett
 Jim and Cheryl Grosch
 Jim and Cindy Egger
 Jim and Debbie Borst
 Jim and Deborah Frantz
 Jim and Denise Pearson
 Jim and Donna Holding
 Jim and Janet Kyler
 Jim and Linda Houghtling
 Jim and Pat Uber
 Jim and Stephanie Tannler
 Jim Rader
 Jim Seitz
 Jim Uhron
 Jim Vecellio
 Jo Ann Breindel
 Joan and Norman Eighmey
 Joan Lopus
 Joan Reisenweber
 Joan Wurst
 JoAnn Greenawalt
 JoAnn L Burkhart
 Joann Pritchard
 Joanne Manning
 Joanne P Oviatt
 Joanne Vavala
 Joby and Pam McAulay
 Jodi Bevevino
 Jodie Schmader
 Jody Baker
 Joe  Beth Sprentz
 Joe and Bev Giordano
 Joe and Carol Ely
 Joe and Heather Nelson
 Joe and Linda Ulrich
 Joe Rock
 Joel  Linda Dingeldein
 Joel and Lesley Berdine
 John and Barbara Kersey
 John and Bethany Nuttall
 John and Brenda White
 John and Carol Hanna
 John and Cathy Graves
 John and Cindy Wood
 John and Darlene John
 John and Ellen McLaughlin
 John and Gloria Lasher
 John and Lisa Paul
 John and Lynn Allen
 John and Marsha Logan
 John and Olivia Sechriest
 John and Rita Cecco
 John and Robin Wagner
 John and Rose LaBounty
 John And Shirley Crone
 John and Vicky Mccauley
 John and Wendy Rulander
 John Bowler
 John Brown
 John D  and Mary Beth Zdarko
 John D Dickey
 John D Mangus
 John E. Willsie
 John F. Dilley
 John and Diane Geiger
 John Grace Backstrom
 John J Villella
 John John
 John Kristy Rieck
 John Lackovic
 John Laurie
 John Osborne
 John Parroccini
 John Sabat
 John Shaughnesy
 John W. Bevevino
 John Werner
 Johnsons Tire Service Inc
 Jon and Sue Speicher
 Jon Greenawalt
 jon m zaczyk
 Jon Ross
 Jonathan Carlson
 Jonathan Cassie Arabella Keefer
 Jonathan D and Helene  DuShaw
 Jonathan Nelson
 Joni D Owens
 Jordan Purdie
 Jordan T Schiegg
 Joseph and Sara Sienkiewicz
 Joseph C McClellan
 Joseph J Gizdic Jr
 Joseph L Font
 Joseph Mangione
 Joseph P. Dolan
 Joseph Veriga
 Joseph Wilks
 Joshua and Christina Glass
 Joshua Edward Wasielczyk
 Joy and Isabelle McMonigal
 Joy Renander
 Joy Wiedmaier
 Joyce Dygan-Bracken
 Joyce Kelley
 Joyce M Brecht
 Joyce Myers
 Judith A Williams
 Judith D. Templeton
 Judith M Wilson
 Judith S. Sadler
 Judy A Barrett
 Judy Champlin
 Judy Haller
 Judy Hunt
 Judy Whitmire
 Judy Woodburn
 Julia W McTavish
 Julie and Dammond Park
 Julie Bennett
 Julie Burt
 Julie Hitchcock
 Julie Merenick Ellis
 Julie Miller
 Juliet G  Hornburg
 June and Bart Brink
 June R. Gabriel
 Justin and Debra Becklund
 Justin Cooney
 Jutta Holden
 K C and Kathy Morrison
 K Lee Crosby
 Kahti and Stephen Goodwill
 Kaitlyn McKoon
 Kandy Carlson
 Karen and Mike Burns
 Karen Anderson
 Karen Davis
 Karen Hert
 Karen Kolos
 Karen L. Thomas
 Karen Puckly
 Karen Weyant
 Karen-Mark Collins
 Karrie Mae Hunt
 Kassandra Damcott
 Kate Cook-Wood
 Katherine and Jack Frank
 Katherine Bowley
 Katherine Domville
 Kathleen Chappel
 Kathleen Creek
 Kathleen Sears
 Kathleen Whittemore
 Kathryn and John Carlson
 Kathryn Jones
 Kathy Abplanalp
 Kathy Jackson
 Kathy Lang
 Kathy Park
 Kathy Wellington
 Katie Ann Runner
 Katie Dunn
 Katie Hottel
 Katie Love
 Kay Johnson
 Kay McKeown
 Kaye Steuart
 Keith Jackson
 Keith kirsch
 Keith Martin
 Keith Oviatt
 Kelli Knapp
 Kellie Eklund
 Kelly and Joany Metzgar
 Kelly and Scott Motter
 Kelly Case
 Kelly Conti
 Kelly Herzog
 Kelly Martini
 Kelly Morris
 Kelly Nearing
 Kelly ONeill
 Kelsey and Matt Metzger
 Kelsey Angove and Allan Branthoover
 Ken and Amanda Straight
 Ken and Joyce Sperry
 Ken Debbie Fitzsimmons
 Kenneth Bakewell
 Kenneth L Crosby Esq.
 Kenneth Nicholson
 Kenneth R Zigler
 Kenneth Schonbachler
 Kenneth Williams
 Kerri Burge
 Kerry and Sean Abbott
 Kerry M. Thompson
 Kevin and Debra Weigel
 Kevin and Lanae Shubert
 Kevin and Wendy Torrence
 Kevin Mead
 Keystone Oilfield Supply and Service LLC
 Kim and Jim Embrey
 Kim Kobielski
 Kimberlee Nowell
 Kimberley McMichael
 Kimberly Corey
 Kimberly G Adams
 Kimberly Spicer
 Kimberly Turner
 Kinzua Veterinary Clinic
 Kirsten Darling
 Kirsten Turfitt
 Kitty Morse
 Klaus D. Lichte
 Kris and Renee Magnuson
 Kris Gifford
 Kris Robertson-Smith
 Krista Fitzsimmons
 Krista Waddell
 Kristen Allison
 Kristen D Hogan
 Kristen James and Trenton
 Kristie Wagner
 Kristie Wallace
 Kristine Fergason
 Kristy Wallace
 Kurt and Marisa Smith
 Kurt Lyle
 Kyle and Julie Coppersmith
 Kyle and Kristi Simpson
 Lacey and Scott Schuler
 Lacey Schuler
 Lacy Lawson
 Lana S Creal
 Larry and Carol Reitz
 Larry and Kim Nelson
 Larry Knowlton
 Larry Michelle Logan and Sydney Johnson
 Larry Reitz
 Lars Brenda Huling
 Laura A Whitten
 Laura Bierbower
 Laura Carter
 Laura Grace
 Laura Holt
 Laura Jerry Renner
 Laura McAvoy
 Laura Odell
 Lauralee J Hanson
 Lauren Timco
 Laurie West
 Lawrence and Neva Rambish
 Lawrence E Kramer
 Leah and Chris Egner
 Leanna Ashe
 Lee and Laura Chew
 Lee Ann T Russell
 Lee Jones
 Lee Thompson
 Leigh Rovegno
 Leo and Mary DeFabio
 Leon and Donna Ochterski
 Leslie and Doris Trumbull
 Leslie B Peel
 Leslie Monroe
 Lincoln Sokolski
 Linda and Randy Thomas
 Linda Burroughs
 Linda C Jensen Thomas M Jensen
 Linda Clover
 Linda D Didomizio
 Linda Dies
 Linda Hagberg
 Linda Huber
 Linda Marie Keverline
 Linda Ness
 Linda Pierce
 Linda Rothey
 Linda Ruhlman
 Linda S Thayer
 Linda Sivak
 Linda Snyder
 Linda Vogus
 Lindsay Franks
 Lisa and Gregg McManus
 Lisa Franklin
 Lisa McDermott
 Lisa Sanford and Family
 Lisa Thompson
 Lisa To
 Lisa Tome
 Lisa Williams
 Lita Hart
 Lois DeMarco
 Lois Marshall
 LoPresti Family
 Lori Dyke
 Lori Mayes
 Lori N Brusso
 Lori Rosie
 Lorinda and Chris Hill
 Lorraine S McDonough
 Lorri Dunlap
 Lou Ann Lauger
 Lou Cable
 Lou Vizza
 LouAnn Gadsby
 Louis Eastman
 Luann M. Lassinger
 LuAnn Marzka
 Lucinda W Hickernell
 Lydia Gilanshah
 Lyn M Kell
 Lyn McDaniel
 Lyn Pryor
 Lynda Lee Baxter
 Lyndsey Sanford
 Lynn and Bob Sears
 Lynn and Mark Espin
 Lynn Branstrom
 Lynn E. Dunham
 Lynn Robertson-Hotz
 Lynn Sibley and Sandy McKee
 Lynne Goodwill
 M Susan Uhron
 Madeline Southwell
 Magda Fanaritis
 Maggie Oehlke
 Manorville United Methodist Church
 Marcia M. Ziki
 Marcy O’Brien & Richard Fisher
 Margaret Angevine
 Margaret A Stino
 Margaret W. Peters
 Margery E Peters
 Marian Aranyos
 Marianna Dygan
 Marianna Pascuzzi
 Marianne Linton
 Marie Sedlak Lupone
 Marilla E Norton
 Marilyn Deans
 Marilyn Denney
 Marilyn Dunkle
 Marilyn Edmiston
 Marion Beckerink
 Marjorie Lewis
 Mark and Alexis McAvoy
 Mark and Cheryl Spencer
 Mark and Dana Simmons
 Mark and Jill Woody
 Mark and Joanna Mayer
 Mark and Judy Hoden – Hoden Electric
 Mark and Linda Johnson
 Mark and Michelle Bupp
 Mark and Ruth Nelson
 Mark and Susanne Harrington
 Mark and Terry Borger
 Mark Benner
 Mark Bursic
 Mark Davis
 Mark Hendrix
 Mark Krumm
 Mark Lindberg
 Mark Rossman
 Mark Silvis
 Mark Wilson
 Marlene and Tim Byler
 Marshall Johnson
 Martha Betts
 Martha J. Bliss
 Martha Leathers
 Martha Schalles
 Martin Brundage
 Mary And Hal  Conarro
 Mary and Jon Gerarde
 Mary and Tim Beyer
 Mary Anderson
 Mary Ann Zdarko
 Mary Belleau
 Mary Beth Riggle
 Mary Buzard
 Mary Donaldson
 Mary Joan Storer
 Mary Kirsch
 Mary Lou Clark
 Mary Lu  Zock
 Mary Mackey
 Mary Mahan
 Mary Meley
 Mary Sullivan
 Mary Summerson
 Mary Waters
 Matt Christi Ash
 Matt Julie Greenman
 Matthew Emmons
 Maureen Gonano
 Maurice and Nan Cashman
 Meagan Babcoe
 Meg and George Lija
 Megan Grady
 Megan Leisinger
 Megan Menard
 Megan Merryman
 Megan Simplicio
 Meghan Tubbs
 Melanie McMillen
 Melanie Smith
 Melanie Switzer
 Melinda Johnson
 Melinda L Bailey
 Melissa Allio
 Melissa and Dave Lemay
 Melissa and James McLean
 Melissa Carr
 Melissa Davis
 Melissa Ginest
 Melissa McDunn
 Melissa Procter
 Melissa Sproveri
 Melissa Stanton
 Melissa Turner
 Melissa Uber
 Melody Madigan
 Melvin Feather
 Merle Szydlo
 Micaela Ruf
 Michael and  Beth Lundberg and Family
 Michael and Caryl Decker
 Michael and Catherine Lyon
 Michael and Lilly Suppa
 Michael and Lisa Fitzsimmons
 Michael and Lorie Carr
 Michael and Patricia Russell
 Michael and Teresa DelPrince
 Michael Baffa
 Michael Card
 Michael Fadale
 Michael Kamnikar
 Michael Olewine
 Michael Piatkowski
 Michael Purdie
 Michael S Lyon
 Michael S Madigan
 Michael Stenberg
 Michele and Andrew Sokolski
 Michele and Randy Scalise
 Michele Metcalf
 Michele Palmer
 Michelle and Vance Lauffenburger
 Michelle Betts and Jerry Johnson
 Michelle Gray
 Michelle Munksgard
 Michelle Neal
 Michelle R Vincent
 Mike Allen
 Mike and  Lisa Lewis
 Mike and Barb McAvoy
 Mike and Jenn cameron
 Mike and Lisa
 Mike and Melanie Barrett
 Mike and Vicky Montecalvo
 mike crone debbie crone
 Mike Luvison and Rhonda Crippen
 Mildred B Steffens
 Mimi and Jay Goodwill
 Mollie VanOrd
 Molly Forbes
 Monica K Raible
 Monica Mann
 Morgan Briggs
 Mr  Mrs. Dennis Rock
 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Vicini
 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cawley
 Mrs. Jerome Dylewski
 Myles T Bradley
 Myron and Marianne Fernstrom
 Myron and Pam Nordin
 Nadine Spencer
 Nancy A Mullen
 Nancy and Jim Monaghan
 Nancy C. Hall
 Nancy Davis
 Nancy E Fuchs
 Nancy L Rudolph
 Nancy L. Sampson
 Nancy North
 Nancy R Wargo
 Nancy Rogowski
 Nancy Schwanke
 Nancy Trisket
 Nathan and Brittany Spicer
 Nathan Collis Coelho
 Nathan Johnson
 Nathan Lindberg
 Nathaniel Gilbert
 Neil and Marge Himber
 Nick and Sarah Wood
 Norm and Georgeann Chamberlain
 Norm Ewing
 Norma Conklin
 Norman Cable
 North Warren Presbyterian Church
 Olin Carolyn  Neal
 Olivia Piazza
 Oran and Susan KIbbey
 Pam  Mull
 Pam and Dick Balas
 Pam Colvin
 Pam Hanna
 Pamela Hummel
 Pamela J. Bova
 Pamela Lewis
 Pamela Walters
 Park United Methodist Church United Methodist Women
 Pat and Gwenn Scutella
 Patricia Calta
 Patricia Carlson
 Patricia Harriman
 Patricia Hawley
 Patricia King
 Patricia Leach
 Patricia Wagner
 Patrick and Michelle Foltz
 Patrick and Susan Cronmiller
 Patrick J Williams
 Patti Colosimo
 Patti J Bova
 Patti McMeans
 Patty and Rick Sherbondy
 Patty and Tom Morelli
 Patty L Humbert
 Patty Love
 Paul and Brandi Giannini
 Paul and Jane Crouch
 Paul and Joel Wood
 Paul and Michele Bova
 Paul and Tonia Yaegle
 Paul Bauer
 Paul Higby
 Paul Leidig
 Paul Mangione
 Paul Williams
 Paula A. Ross
 Paula Platko and Robin Copley
 Paulo and Vicki Duarte
 Peggy j littlefield
 peggy olson
 Peggy Teconchuk
 Penelope B Wolboldt
 Penny Chaffee
 Penny Sampson
 Peter and Margery Smith
 Peter Colagiacomo
 Peter Molinaro
 Peter Shepard
 Peter To
 Phil and Reyd DeFabio
 Phil Gilbert
 Philip Herrnberger
 Philip Howard
 Philip Stoke
 Phyllis A Miller
 Pierre Chagnon
 Pipeworks LLC
 Priscilla Powley
 R Elizabeth Dropp
 R. William Richards
 Rachel and Travis Morse
 Rachel Mozeika
 Rachel O’Carroll
 Rachel Phillips
 Rachelle Kershner
 Ralph Swart
 Ramsey in LLEWELLYN
 Randall Messinger
 Randy and Chris Voty
 Randy and Kay Eadie
 Randy and Shelly Teska
 Randy warner
 Ray and Sue Lowe
 Rayetta Freeman
 Raymond A Haines
 Raymond Pring
 Raymond Tennent
 Rebecca and Gary Seymour
 Rebecca Buono
 Rebecca Crossley
 Rebecca Holt
 Rebecca Taylor
 Rebecca W Patterson
 Rebecca Wilcox
 Rebekah Kraemer
 Rene H. Johnson
 Renee F Samuelson
 Rev. Dr. John D. Miller
 Reyd M Martin
 Reynolds E Wingard
 Rhonda Hungerford
 Riane Winslow
 Rich and Denise Pierson
 Rich and Dorothy Geer
 Rich Ristau
 Richard and Annette Hutley
 Richard And Beverly Schuler
 Richard and Debra Brewster
 Richard and Donna Risinger
 Richard and Janis Allen
 Richard and Linda McKissock
 Richard and Mary DeSimone
 Richard and Mary Hart
 Richard and Melinda Ritter
 Richard and Peggy Lytle
 Richard Fiscus Jr
 Richard Fiscus Jr.
 Richard Griffin
 Richard Gruber
 Richard Johnson
 Richard Locke
 Richard N Barnes Jr
 Richard N Swanson
 Rick and Sandie Rohlin
 Rick Barkley
 Rick Strohmeyer
 Rita J Thornton
 Rita Mancuso
 Rita Pace
 Rob Renander
 Robert and Barbara Crowley
 Robert and Barbara Kane
 Robert and Cindy Kaemmerer
 Robert and Gloria Merenick
 Robert and Jean Walker
 Robert and Jeanne Hukill
 Robert and Kathleen Long
 Robert and Rosemary Hansen
 Robert Anderson
 Robert Bierbaum
 Robert Davis
 Robert Frederick
 Robert G. Ruhlman II
 Robert G. Wilson
 Robert Gregersen
 Robert Groetzinger
 Robert J Shodi
 Robert J. Klebacha
 Robert Reitz
 Robert Ross
 Robert St. James
 Roberta L. DiMichael
 Robin Brown
 Robin Johnson
 Rocco and Rebecca DelPrince
 Rod and Dawn Henry
 Rod and Lara Larson
 Rodney Betts
 Rodney Zinger
 Roger and Reoma Colvin
 Roger Sullivan
 Roger Wallace
 Roger Zaczyk
 Ron and Cathy LaBarte
 Ron and Mary Jane Thomas
 Ron Keeney
 Ronald and Sharon Johnson
 Ronald Anderson
 Ronald Bloom
 Ronald Dutton
 Rosalie Feeny
 Rosalind Hupp
 Rosemari Carnahan
 Rosemarie Mazzocchi
 RoseMarie Stapfer
 Roxann Kays
 Roxanne Carifo
 Roy Mcelhaney
 Ruby Stone and Brad Conquer
 Russell P Stenstrom
 Rusty and Cindy Blodgett
 Ruth Ann Morley Varrato
 Ruth Brooks
 Ruth C Derby
 Ruth Griffin
 Ruth Lundin
 Ruth Marti
 Ruth Myer
 Ruth T Wahl
 Ruthanna Miner
 Ryan and Dawn Landers
 Ryan Lympus
 Ryan McBriar
 Sally Beckerink
 Sally R Steele
 Sally Wharton Dicmas
 Sally Wurst
 Sam Bailey
 Sam Brawand
 Samantha Hungerford
 Samantha Whitaker
 Sandra E Tellman
 Sandra L. Davis
 Sandra Nicholson
 Sandra Pearson
 Sandra Pope
 Sandra Smith
 Sandy Schott
 Sandy Wilks
 Sara Aiello
 Sara Rowland
 Sara Swanson
 Sarah Ashe
 Scott and Jolean Ishman
 Scott and Megan Curren
 Scott and Pam Stoleson
 Scott and Stacey McKinney
 Scott Criss
 Scott Missy Munson
 Scott Olewine
 Scott Sadler
 Seth Brewer
 Shannon Cooper
 Shari and Tom Sekelsky
 Sharon A. Fasenmyer
 Sharon and Scott Spangler
 Sharon Brady
 Sharon Brittain
 Sharon Egley
 Sharon Gage
 Sharon Harris
 Sharpsville United Methodist Women
 Shaun A. Gupta
 Shawn and Melissa Zaffino
 Shawn Silvis
 Shawntay David
 Sheffield Container Corp
 Sheffield Grace Bible Church
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 Shelby Heeter
 Shelle Tubbs
 Shelly Curtis
 Shelly Ristau
 Sheree Chalfant Troy
 Sherrie Crosby
 Sherry and Allan Erickson
 Sherry Griffiths
 Sherry L Servesko
 Sherry Phillips
 Shirley A Morton
 Shirley and Lee Munch and Family
 Shirley and Robert Blair
 Shirley Shelestak
 Slagles Speed and Sport
 Sonia M Probst
 Stacey A Robertson
 Steffani Jacoby
 Steffen Blair
 Stephanie and Justin DiPenti
 Stephanie Bidar
 Stephanie Stuart
 Stephen and Joyce Puleo
 Stephen and Sheryl Vanco
 Stephen C Sherwood
 Stephen Guadagnino
 Stephen Horsley
 Stephen Mark Troester
 Stephen Ongley
 Stephen Prenatt
 Stephen Ritter
 Stephen To
 Steve and Amy Caudill
 Steve and Audrey Watkins
 Steve and Diane Sivak
 Steve and Judy Luzzi
 Steve Bishop
 Steve Coder
 Steven Rudolph
 Sue Nielsen
 Sue Orcutt
 Sue Sweet
 Suki Agusti
 Susan A Stewart
 Susan and Richard Curren
 Susan E Nosel
 Susan E. Nosel
 Susan Findley
 Susan Himes
 Susan J Johnson
 Susan Johnson
 Susan Klebacha
 Susan Knowlden
 Susan L. Wolfe
 Susan M Colosimo
 Susan M. Gustafson
 Susan Pincus
 Susan Roboski
 Susan Sedon
 Susan Swab
 Susan Zondag
 Susanne Klug
 Suzanne Painter
 Suzanne Pirillo
 Suzette E Berdine
 Sydney Blair
 Sylvia Grisez
 Sylvia J Follett
 T Bonnie Coluccio
 Taffi Skopinski
 Tammy L Bimber
 Tammy Rayborne
 Tana. And Glenn Fegely
 Tara Hockensmith
 Tekoa Nantze
 Terry and  Barbara  Hallock
 Terry Jane Rohlin
 Terry Janice and Katie Ressler
 Terry Lorenc
 Terry Radecki
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 Terry-Jo Bjorkquist
 Tessa Dixon
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 The Hammerbeck Family
 The Mannings
 Theodore J Caveglia
 Theodore Wozneak Jr.
 Theresa A Gebhardt
 Thomas Africa
 Thomas and Angela Mitchell
 Thomas And Deborah Dorrion
 Thomas and Linda Russell
 Thomas and Roxanne Fadale
 Thomas Dyson
 Thomas H and Carol J Henry
 Thomas H. Schultz
 Thomas Kafferlin
 Thomas M Jensen   Linda C Jensen
 Thomas Moyer
 Thomas Paquette
 Thomas Pupo
 Tidioute Oil Company
 Tim and Cheryl Huber
 Tim and Denice Bleech
 Tim and Judy Sabella
 Tim and Karen Sobkowski
 Tim and Patty Finch
 Tim Yetzer
 Timothy  MaryAnn Farr
 Timothy Allen Salapek
 Timothy Ashe
 Tina Huckabone
 Tina Rodgers
 Toby and Patty Miller
 Toby L Rohlin
 Todd  Kim Fitch
 Todd and Jennifer Boston
 Todd and Jennifer Olson
 Todd Mineweaser
 Todd Zimmerman
 Tom and Cameron Skelton
 Tom and Cricket Dignall Stewart
 Tom and Diane Scarcella
 Tom and Eileen Heenan
 Tom and Elsie Giegerich
 Tom and Lorraine Walker
 Tom and Michele Grubbs
 Tom and Paula McK
 Tom and Sue Best
 Tom Kublack
 Tommy and Penelope Smith
 Tonja Messinger
 Tonya Hendershot and family
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 Travis Jennifer and Isaac Myler
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 Venus United Evangelical Church
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 Victoria Hoover
 Victoria L Hollis
 Victoria Sabella
 Virg-Ann Flower Shop
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 Wally and Polly Post
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 Warren County Visitors Bureau
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 WestPAnet Inc
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 William A. and Gina M. Clark
 William and Carrie Gardner
 William and Linda Chase
 William and Louise Hill
 William and Susan Wilson
 William C Bankoske
 William Cobb
 William F Champlin
 William Frank Morgan
 William H Young
 William Hill
 William LeMeur
 William Massa Jr.
 William R McFarland
 William Russell
 William St John
 Wilma J Portzer
 Wilma Trask
 Wilma Watson
 Wray and Diane DeLarme
 Wrinkle Ranch  Dale and Rick
 Youngsville First United Methodist Church
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 Zachary and Elyse Dickerson
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 Zane Williams
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 Zion United Methodist Women – Debra Decker
 Zoe A Ritchie
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Joel & Fern Boleratz
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John Shaughnesy
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Julie & Terry Goff
Kalbfus Rod & Gun Club / Charles Travis
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