1. The WarrenGives event is well positioned for social distancing – donors going to warrengives.org from their home computer is the primary way donations are made each year and in that regard this year should be no different.


  1. PAGE REVIEW & UPDATING: Thank you to all who have reviewed and updated your WarrenGives organization page. If you have not please review your organization’s page now at warrengives.org and email any required updates to cfwc@westpa.net. The deadline to have page updates submitted is Wednesday, April 1, 2020.


  1. PLANNING: As we practice social distancing, planning for WarrenGives 2020 can still be very effective via phone, email, text, your organization’s website and social media.  Planning of course is the key first step to PREPARE for promoting your organization and WarrenGives.


4. PROMOTING: All of these non-face-to-face methods, as well as newspaper and radio, are also very effective ways to promote. Just like every other year connecting with and asking potential donors to visit warrengives.org on May 20th to donate to your organization will be key to your success.


  • Prior to 30 days from event day is the time to PLAN and PREPARE for the May 20th event.
  • 30 days out we should all start moving into PROMOTE mode ramping up activity the closer we get to event day.
  • May 20th – the opportunity for all of us to come together as a community to help the many organizations that make Warren County such a special place.


  1. WORKING FROM HOME TIPS: There are free web meeting tools available, ZOOM being a very popular one. The ZOOM free option even includes video/voice conferencing for up to 3 people at a time at no charge.  https://zoom.us/pricing – check out the free option at this link.


Stay safe everyone.