1. Start planning early and put a lot of focus on the last week before the event.


2. Leverage what you already do. If you are already going to the effort and cost of producing newsletters, bulletins, newspaper ads, add Warren Gives promotion.  Have a website or Facebook page… promote Warren Gives on them.


3. Set a dollar goal. We’ll share event day stats on Facebook in real-time on event day so you can see how your group is doing in reaching your goal.  Then, especially in the hours after 5pm, reach out to your donor base if you haven’t yet made your goal.  Those who have not given will want to help you reach goal and will give.  Some of those who already gave may decide to give again because they want to reach goal.


4. Event day blitz – use email, social media, phone, everything you can on event day to help people remember to donate. This is only a 16 hour opportunity…people want to give and it is a terrible feeling when you want to give but it simply slipped your mind.  Help people remember to help your organization and become a part of this great Warren County day of giving!


5. Big opportunity to entice out of state donations. All dollars are good but this is about NEW giving – those dollars we can bring back into the community are great!  The “most states” competition started us down this road with great success. When you think about it there are more people with local connections who no longer live here than those who do.   THIS IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY to connect with those who no longer live here but would love to support your organization.  Warren Gives makes it easy regardless of where you live.  The organizations which were most successful in this area used Facebook heavily to connect with friends from all across the country – we’ve had donations from 47 states!


5A. Remember when communicating with people to the west of PA that our 10pm end time is Eastern Time.  People in California need to donate by 7pm their time or they’ll miss the opportunity!


5B. When thinking about out of state – many high school classes have maintained contact with many classmates, many of which may no longer live here but still call Warren County home.  Class groups have done the hard work of maintaining contact information.  Some classes even have their own Facebook pages.  Connect with these groups. Think of ways you may be able to leverage those relationships and contacts to reconnect with those who would donate to your organization.


6. Use social media – Facebook. It’s free!  Create a message for your members who are on Facebook and ask them to share with their friends.  Use the networks of likeminded people that are available to you.  Create a Facebook header image for your page promoting donating to your organization through Warren Gives.

7. Use email lists – again use all the free stuff.

8. Church bulletin/Sunday reminder to congregations the 3 Sundays before.

9. Word of mouth – it’s FREE! Never underestimate the value of a personal message.  Mention Warren gives in conversation especially on event day.

10. Create some news! Submit a picture and short write up about your organization planning for Warren Gives and submit to local newspapers.  People love to hear about this type of community involvement.  Does your employer have an intranet site? Share your story with them and ask them to promote this special Warren County day of Giving.  Reach out to radio – they are always looking for news too.