2024 Incentive Prizes to be announce in March, 2024

2023 Most States Prize – Three Winners

1st Place $200.00, 2nd Place $100.00, 3rd Place $50.00

Miracle Mountain $200.00

Ruth M. Smith Center $100.00

Hospice of Warren County $50.00

Warren Public Library $50.00

In past years donations have been received from as many as 47 states!  How many states did your organization receive donations from?  There are many people who may no longer live in Warren County who still appreciate the good work your organization does and will support you…if you ask.  Reach out to those you know.  Email, phone, Facebook – spread the word.

States will be determined by the credit card billing address of donors.

Ties will be broken by the total number of donations and then by the total dollars donated.