What is the deadline to apply for participation in the event?
Requests for the 2020 event must be received by 5pm on December 31, 2019.  Inquiries should be sent to cfwc@westpa.net

Why am I not listed as a participating charitable organization?
To participate in Warren Gives a charitable organization must primarily serve Warren County, and have received a CFWC grant* in the last 3 years.  Questions regarding eligibility can be sent tocfwc@westpa.net.  Requests for participation in the 2020 event must be received by 5pm on December 31, 2019 to be considered.  Participation is not automatic.  Inquiries should be sent to cfwc@westpa.net

*CFWC grants do not include grants from Donor Advised Funds.  While CFWC manages accounts for various funds and issues checks on their behalf, Donor Advised Fund grants are not grants from CFWC.

When will I know how much my organization receives?
We plan to have the results distributed within one week of the event.

When will I receive the donations?
Organizations will receive their check for donations plus the prorated match amount at the Post-Event Check Ceremony in June – date to be announced.

Will I know who made a gift to my organization?
All donor contact and gift information received during Warren Gives will be sent to the respective organizations after the final numbers are calculated and checks are distributed, unless the donor selects the option to remain anonymous, in which case the organization will receive information on the amount but not the donor.

Are there rules beyond meeting eligibility requirements organizations must follow?
Eligible organizations must also have a current profile page created on this website by April 1 of the event year, promote their organizations participation in Warren Gives to the best of their ability, and organizations may not donate to themselves.

My organization’s profile information is incorrect. How can I correct it?
Go to “For Organizations” and select the “Update Page” choice – complete the form and submit.  Your page will typically be updated within a week.

How does the prorating match work?
The Community Foundation of Warren County will enhance each donor’s gift by providing a prorated match to each gift made to each charitable organization, i.e., if a gift from a single donor, to your organization, exceeds $1,000, the amount above $1,000 will NOT be match eligible. The CFWC will divide a total match pool among the participating charitable organizations.