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To protect life and property in the Tidioute Boro, Limestone Twp, Deerfield Twp, Watson Twp, and Triumph Twp. We are currently operating with a 2011 Ford mini pumper, a 2013 Ford F450 4×4 ambulance, a 1998 Spartan engine, a 1989 Pierce tanker, and a 1983 Sutphen 100′ tower
Current Projects/Needs:
The Tidioute Area Volunteer Fire Department has received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We have allocated this money to be used to replace fire department equipment and gear that is out of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliance. This money is being used to replace our extraction tools which include a new Hurst cutting tool, new Hurst spreaders, a new Hurst ram and a new Hurst combination tool.
All 20 of our outdated air packs will be replaced with new and we will have an additional set of 20 bottles. We were allotted 20 new sets of complete personal protection gear for our responders and a new cascade system to fill air bottles that have been emptied while fighting fires in the communities and townships that we serve.
These upgrades have been needed for years, but due to the extensive costs and the lack of funding, we are responding with gear and equipment that falls well below current standards of protection. To receive this new equipment, our department has to match the allotted grant money with a 5% payment. This means that we have to come up with an additional $13,000 this year, on top of our normal operating expenses.
This last year we have also been faced with having to replace our 2001 ambulance that would no longer pass inspection. We were blessed to have found a 2013 4×4 replacement with a power stretcher and a power loader. Just having the 4×4 capabilities in the terrain that we serve has already proven to be priceless. This much needed upgrade to a power stretcher and power loader will also lessen the risk of injury to our first responders and will allow smaller crews to respond to emergency calls faster.
The monies that we raise throughout the year along with the donations we would normally receive, keep the department’s bills paid and our doors open, but do not allow for projects like these. The Tidioute Area Volunteer Fire Department currently covers four townships, the Borough of Tidioute, and we supply mutual aid to all surrounding communities. We currently have one of the largest response areas in Warren County and we need your help. We are asking for your support in helping raise these funds.
Your donation will allow us to better serve. All money raised from this fund drive will be used for one of the above mentioned projects.
Contact: Ed Burris
Address: 224 Main Street, Tidioute, PA 16351
Phone: 814-484-3555